Monday, November 12, 2007


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Becoming A Habbit...

Hey all, Yes you guessed it, I am back to add another poem to my blog.. Hope you all like it... As I have said before, my poem's are something that helps me put my feelings down on paper, their raw and real and truly come from the heart... Today is my sister's turn... She is wonderful in every way, she has been there for me when no one else understood me... She gets me, she see's where I am coming from so sis, this is for you, I love you and hope you like...

My Sister - My Best Friend

I was always out searching
For a very best friend.

Someone to stand behind me
Threw all the thicks and thins.

Never did I imagine, I wouldn't search very far
My best friends always been with me, right here in my own back yard.

Our relationship grew yet stronger, even when we felt apart
The bond we shared kept us talking, mainly heart to heart.

If I had a million to choose from, all lined in a row
I couldn't have picked a better one, I just wanted you to know.

I love you very dearly, I know it will never end
Your not only my SISTER, your my VERY OWN BEST FRIEND.

I love you Chell

Your Sister, Robyn Epler

Friday, October 26, 2007

For Rosie

Hello bloggers.... Anybody that has been viewing my blog knows that I am a nut case about Rosie... Sad part is, THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE... LOL anyway, I wrote a little something in hopes that she will come check it out...

Letter To Rosie
I know that you don't know me
but I feel that I know you.

I know where you are coming from
I get everything you do.

You help a lot of people, in their time of need
You have no idea exactly, how much you mean to me.

My mother always told me, never give up on dreams
But as I am getting older, I think she lied to me.

I have held this dream in my heart, I held if very dear
After all its been my dream for the past twenty years.

Rosie can you hear me? Can you feel my pain?
I guess I already know the answer, you don't even know my name.

Maybe as God will have it, we will somehow meet
I know that you would like me, think I'm pretty neat.

Till then I'm here to love you, you'll never leave my heart
I will hold you as tight as I can so we never drift apart.

So Rosie if your listening and I pray to God you are
I want you to know I LOVE YOU and will continue from afar.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

About My Poems....

Hello bloggers, I just wanted to drop a few lines to explain the poems I write.. Alot of people find their yellow in the sun, crafting or another hobby, I myself find my yellow by writing poems.. These poems are either about me and my feelings or I will pull someone that has touched my life in a way and write, trying to describe what I see and feel about the person... This time, I am going to write a little one about David, he is my man ;) well, thats what I call him anyway.. LOL.. He helps me in a really weird way find my yellow, for my bloggers that don't know David, his link is on the left, check out his site, he is FAN-TAS-TIC.. SOOOOO funny... So for you David, Just for you..... I love ya.....

In A Time Of Need
My life was at rock bottom,
I couldn't smile at all.

I sat here in my bedroom,
Staring at the walls.

I finally turned on the computer,
Looking for a friend.

One who would stand by me,
Not just now, but till the end.

Thats when I found David,
I knew he would set me free.

From a world that didn't want me,
He was exactly what I need.

Since then he's made me smile,
Something I haden't known.

And just from the pleasure of knowing him,
He has helped me grow.

I no longer sit in pitty,
I no longer feel ashamed.

I have that special someone,
and you all know his name.

So David if your reading,
This is poem is for you.

You have brought me out of a place,
I thought nobody could ever do.

I love you very deeply,
I know were miles apart.

But we will never be away from each other,
Were connected threw our hearts.

By: Robyn Epler

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Poem To Share

I wrote this poem for my friend whom spent a very large part of her life not loving someone because of her lack of finding the right person.. Two weeks after I wrote this, she met her match and has been happy ever since.. I am very happy for her so I decided to share it with others, you all, my bloggers...
The Key
In my hand I hold a key,
What it fits is beyond me.

It could fit the lock to a door,
It could fit so much more.

So one day I sat out to see,
Exactly what this key meant to me.

I started at one end of town,
Worked my way all around.

Having no answers and tired as can be,
I sat on the ground under an old Oak tree.

What can I do? Where can I go?
The answer was there, that I DID know.

As I held out my hand, looked at that key,
A handsome young man walked up to me.

He said dear lady, can I help you out?
Do you need a ride back to your house?

I looked at him and explained the key,
He said dear lady, your looking for me.

How could that be? Was it so?
And if it was, How did he know?

You prayed so hard for someone to love,
God sent you that key from up above.

We used to be two worlds apart,
But that key you have unlocks my lonely heart.

By: Robyn Epler

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I wrote this poem....

My tribute to 9/11 and the war... Haven't we had and been through enough?
Please read it and share if you like, I think it speaks for allot of us...

My Own Tribute
I was traveling the day the towers fell,
it was a day of nightmare, a living hell.

I was waiting for The Rosie O'Donnell show to come on
when the news channel broke in, said the towers was gone.

The news channel covered allot to be seen
I pinched myself, thought it was only a dream.

The bodies were carried out one by one
of families, friends, daughters and sons.

My heart goes out to all who were dear
When can we ever stop living in fear?

Freedom is something this Nation once had
Since Bush has been here, all has gone mad,

They control what we do, what we can protest,
This war needs to end, give it a rest.

Family and friends need our troops home,
There are obstacles here they can't do alone.

Bush has told us nothing but lies,
How many more soldiers are going to die?

They can't answer these questions for me,
It's all about money, power and greed.

To be completely honest, it's not Iraq I fear
It's loosing my loved ones from my very own pears.

Written By: Robyn Epler

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Blog Intro

Hey all, I am new to this but I started this blog to help others and myself with the average, everyday things that get us down or keep us from living the life we want to.. I hope, here on my blog we can share things, laugh together and maybe even shed a tear or two as we all move toward that life we KNOW we want.. So what do you say? You with me? Of course you are or you wouldn't be here.. Now I am a person that lets everything in life get to me, my problem or not, I let it control me to the point I am sick, can't sleep, over eat and dearly PAY for it later.. If my neighbor is hurting, I hurt.. If a family member is angry, I am angry.. I call that BEING A FOLLOWER.. I don't want to be a follower anymore, I want my life back, make my own choices and if someone is hurting, ok, I may console them but I don't have to HURT with them.. Finding a place to start is the hard part bloggers but the one thing that I found that helped was making a list.. Start with what you want on one side and list what's stopping you from getting it on the other.. Now I have NO PHD but I don't believe there is one for making choices for you anyway so were on our own here.. Everybody make your lists and check back in with me here tomorrow ok? Have a good evening bloggers.. I want to send out a special thank you to MY MAN David, I have posted his blog page link under my picks... A MUST SEE blog for all, he is AWSOME, very funny...

Peace, Hope and Harmony
Robyn E