Friday, October 26, 2007

For Rosie

Hello bloggers.... Anybody that has been viewing my blog knows that I am a nut case about Rosie... Sad part is, THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE... LOL anyway, I wrote a little something in hopes that she will come check it out...

Letter To Rosie
I know that you don't know me
but I feel that I know you.

I know where you are coming from
I get everything you do.

You help a lot of people, in their time of need
You have no idea exactly, how much you mean to me.

My mother always told me, never give up on dreams
But as I am getting older, I think she lied to me.

I have held this dream in my heart, I held if very dear
After all its been my dream for the past twenty years.

Rosie can you hear me? Can you feel my pain?
I guess I already know the answer, you don't even know my name.

Maybe as God will have it, we will somehow meet
I know that you would like me, think I'm pretty neat.

Till then I'm here to love you, you'll never leave my heart
I will hold you as tight as I can so we never drift apart.

So Rosie if your listening and I pray to God you are
I want you to know I LOVE YOU and will continue from afar.


iloverosie said...

Hi Robyn!!! Its jen! I saw the link to this on hope its okay if I came here, however, I read your poem about rosie AND I absolutely love it. I write poetry too, I've been writing since I can remember, when I was young! I love writing, Ive always wanted to publish a book of poems...But anyways, your poem almost brought me to tears! I totally feel what you feel about rosie and etc. I feel you girl I do!! I cant sleep etc because all ive been thinking about since i came back was her!!! Seems kind bizarre, and omg did u see h er blog today?! She was talking about how she read some of the letters etc, and that its ok if we didnt say much to her cause she felt it anyways, i smiled sooo big!! I wonder if she read ours yet?! Wonder where my painting is lol..My min dis occupied of her 24/7, we totally have to see her again!! It's a must!!!! Email me whenever youd like hun! Peace out! :) Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

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